Tourmaster Solution Leather Road Boots Review

Tourmaster Solution Leather Road Boots Review

Sure, cruising on the roads with a motorcycle can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if you are not using the right gear. Wearing proper footwear is important when you are riding your bike if you want to protect your feet, ankles and lets from dangerous injuries.

Riders who are in search of a rock solid street boot will be pleasantly surprised with the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots. These boots are of the perfect length and offer riders plenty of coverage. However, the real protection comes from the molded-nylon ankle and shin guards that are made using shock absorbing materials.

About The Tourmaster Solution Leather Boots

The leather shoes also feature a TecnoGI thermoplastic toe and heel cup, latex foam, an orthopedic vibration absorbing footbed and a leather shift pad. Tourmaster has been in the business for years and is known for manufacturing some of the best quality bike accessories out there.

Tourmaster Boots Review

Unlike other motorcycle boots in the market, this particular model offers exceptional quality at a reasonable price, which means you do not have to worry about spending a small fortune on a pair of boots.

The boots feature a cool design that almost every bike rider would love to wear. The boots offer plenty of ankle protection, which ensures your ankles remain safe in the event of a dangerous injury.


Some notable features of the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots include:

  • Water Proof Materials: Constructed using breathable and waterproof membrane for protection against the rain
  • Orthopedic Design: Protection against vibration and features an orthopedic design
  • Better Grip: Features VR single density compound for better grip and prevents slippage
  • Perfect Fit: Auto lock zipper along with an adjustable Velcro flap
  • Extra Durability and Comfort: Stretch leather panels for added durability and comfort. The boots also feature shock absorbing panels that results in a more comfortable ride.
  • Water-Repellent Leather: Features PU upper and water-repellent leather
  • Extra Protection: TecnoGI thermoplastic toecap and heel cup for added protection, adding more structure to the boots.



  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable to wear
  • ​Suitable for wearing in both hot and cold weather conditions
  • ​Easy cleaning
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in many sizes
  • ​Excellent ankle protection and not too stiff
  • Suitable for all touring bikes
  • Cool Design
  • Not as waterproof as customers were expecting
  • Pointy toes. This might not be a con if you like pointy toes.
  • ​Zippers do not feel strong and don’t zip up smoothly.
  • Not too wide
  • Boots are likely to discolor after you have worn them for a while

What Others Are Saying

The boots received an average of very good ratings on Amazon. While most customers were happy with the product, others agreed the boots could use a few improvements. First off, while the manufacturers advertise the boots as waterproof, they are actually water-repellant.

So, while the boots does keep added moisture away, they aren’t exactly waterproof. This was a common complaint among most customers as they felt the product was not accurately described by the brand though some customers did leave positive reviews, saying the boots kept their feet dry during the rain.

On the bright side, a customer did claim that the boots dry out quickly. Another customer wrote that the boots discolor after regular use. While the discoloration is not terribly noticeable, the edges of the leather do start to appear different than the rest of the boots.

Another common complaint is the boots are not as wide as most customers expected. So, if you have wide feet, you may have trouble with fitting.

Tourmaster Solution Leather Road Boots Open Review

However, you can wear the boots around your house to stretch them up a bit. Ensure you get the right size to avoid fitting problems. A customer complained the shaft of the boot was not proportional and had to be stretched out to fit perfectly. Another customer complained that the boots shrink if you leave them out for drying, even under the fan.

As for the positives, the boots may not be the finest but they offer good value for money. The insoles are comfortable and the boots offer just the right amount of grip. This ensures you don’t slip off or fall down on wet and oily pavements.

The boots are lightweight, which means you can conveniently carry them around wherever you go. They are also easy to clean. A customer wrote how they went on a muddy trail and was able to wash off all the grim and dirt right off by soaking the boots.

Buying Advice

The Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots are available on Amazon for under $150. Compared to other motorcycle boots, these are quite reasonably priced. The price of the product may vary depending on the Amazon seller.

So make sure you compare prices before making an investment.Avoid purchasing pre-used motorcycle boots as the quality of the leather deteriorates after each use, which can create problems in the long run.

The water repellent leather exterior does an excellent job in keeping the boots dry while the HiPora air membrane preventswarm air from building up inside the boots, keeping your feet dry and cool.

Tourmaster Solution Leather Road Boots Front Review

However, these boots may not be a good option for folks who live in dry, hot summers and high temperatures throughout the year.


Overall, the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots are a fairly good pair of boots. Sure, they may have a couple of flaws but you get what you pay for. To ensure the longevity of the boots, store the pair in a dry place, away from moisture. This will prevent the leather from wearing off and will ensure you are able to wear the boots for a longer period of time.

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