Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Boots

Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Boots

Nothing beats the thrill and freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open roads. However, as exciting it may sound like, bike riders must protect themselves using protective gear. Using safety and protective gear can save riders from broken bones, muscle tears and other dangerous injuries.

Bike riders should also inspect the quality of the gear to ensure it is resistant towards damage and won’t let them down in case of an emergency.

Guide To Motorcycle Safety Gear

Important safety gear includes helmets, gloves and of course motorcycle boots. Before we talk about motorcycle boots in detail, here’s a brief guide to some of the most common motorcycle safety gear:


Helmets are among the most primary pieces of motorcycle protective gear. The helmet protects the head against dangerous injuries and in some cases, also keeps dirt and debris out of your eyes when you are riding the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Helmet On A Biker

Eye Protection

When riding your bike at high speeds, you will need to find a way to keep dirt, debris and bugs out of your eyes. While some people choose to wear sunglasses, you can opt for helmets that offer built-in eye-protection while riding. You can also invest in tinted eye-protection to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

Ear Protection

Motorcycle noise can be loud, especially when you are cruising down the highway at high speed. Most motorcyclists prefer wearing earplugs to protect their ears from repeated exposure to loud sounds. Consider checking out local laws about earplugs as some states require motorcyclists to wear custom molded earplugs while riding a motorcycle.


Specialized motorcycle jackets offer riders plenty of protection against heavy rains and winds. Protective jackets also keep the arms from being mangled in case you suffer an accident and are thrown on the ground. The most common types of jackets include:

Motorcycle Jacket on a Female Biker
  • Leather Jacket: As the name indicates, these jackets are made using leather. The thick material offers ample protection against heavy winds and rain. However, leather does not offer proper ventilation.
  • Textile Jacket: Textile is a much tougher material compared to leather and offers more protection. Best of all, these jackets cost less and are more water resistant. Textile jackets also offer better ventilation.
  • Textile and Leather Suits: For full body protection, bike riders can opt for textile and leather suits that cover the legs, arms and groin areas. Some suits are padded to offer extra protection.

Motorcycle Boots

Your feet are as fragile as your hands and require the same kind of protection. Motorcycle boots offer ample protection to the feet. The type of boots you should choose greatly depends on what kind of bike you own. Most experts recommend you opt for motorcycle boots that cover the ankles and offer plenty of traction.

Additionally, opt for soles that are resistant to gas and oils. This will prevent slippage. Another cool feature to look out for are steel toes. Steel toes protect your toes from fractures and other injuries.


When a rider falls off his bike, he is likely to use his hands to try and break the fall. This can cause serious damage to your palms. To protect your hands, consider investing in well-padded, sturdily constructed gloves. Most gloves are typically made using leather or Kevlar with reinforced palms and fiber knuckle protection.

Biker Gloves on Biker


Invest in pants especially designed for motorcyclists. Similar to jackets, motorcycle pants are made using a variety of protective materials, offering various degrees of protection. You can opt for touring pants or casual ones to match your ride. These pants are typically made using Kevlar, leather, nylon and other materials. However, most bikers find that Kevlar jeans are more resistant to abrasion as compared to nylon and leather.

What Makes Motorcycle Boots Different From Other Boots

So, you are probably wondering whether it is worth spending the extra dollars on motorcycle boots or not. The truth is, it all depends on the brand you opt for. Some of the best brands out there, such as Alpinestars and Sidi, manufacture motorcycle boots that unmistakably resemble racing boots and offer the best protection when you are riding your motorcycle.

On the other hand, some brand offer poor quality products that are made using flimsy materials that are definitely not worth the extra cash.

Biker Boots For Men

Motorcycle boots are worth the hype and are designed while keeping specific rider features in mind. These boots offer special features, such as molded ankle protection and stiffness around the soles to prevent your feet from flexing in the event of an accident when your foot is pushed down on the road.

When you invest in quality brands, you KNOW you are getting a product that is engineered to help you encounter the road. Some features you should pay attention to include lace-retention designs, double and triple stitching, built-in shifter pads and buckles that will protect your feet in the event of a crash.

Most people assume motorcycle boots are no different than work boots but they are definitely wrong.

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

Some riders make the mistake of throwing on their regular leather shoes before they hit the road. As a motorcyclist, you should know your options when it comes to selecting motorcycle boots. Each boot offers certain special features. To decide which boot is best suited for your riding purposes, you will need to learn more about the main types. The most common styles include:

Cruiser Boots

This type of motorcycle boots focuses on providing a better grip for your ride and offers the least amount of protection for your feet. Most cruiser boots look similar to work boots. These shoes are typically made using leather or a similar tough material with thick soles. If used with proper care, these boots will last you several years.

Cruiser Boots Bike

Another factor to keep in mind is these boots are typically ankle-length and offer less protection compared to other knee-length motorcycle boots. Knee-length boots are designed to protect your legs from the hot exhaust pipes.

Off-Road Adventure Boots

Riders who do a lot of off-road riding are likely to suffer from shin and knee injuries because of the uneven terrains. Uneven terrains play a major factor in determining what types of boots you will need.

Off-road riders need to invest in a pair of sturdy adventure boots that will protect their feet, shins and ankles. Additionally, you will need to ensure you are able to shift gears comfortably without any resistance. These boots typically feature thicker soles that work better on dirt and rocky surfaces. Standard cruiser boots would not be a good option for adventure riders.

Touring Boots

If you encounter multiple types of weather scenarios and climates while riding, you need to invest in boots that will last long. Touring boots are a great option for folks who are into long distance riding.

Weather Proof Boots

If you are out on your motorcycle for several hours, comfort should be your main priority. These boots are usually 10 to 14 inches high and feature a bendable sole to increase comfort and adjust for the type of riding you will encounter.

For long periods of riding, it is crucial you invest in motorcycle apparel that won’t get in the way of riding or distract you. Motorcycle touring boots are designed to offer you comfort even if you are out on the road for several hours.

Racing Boots

For riders who are determined to hit the course, you need to ensure your motorcycle boots are well-equipped to handle the track you are riding on. Motorcycle racing boots focus more on offering protection and comfort to the rider when riding a sports bike. Sports bikers are likely to experience falls and accidents, especially when it is time to turn.

High quality motorcycle racing boots are a great investment since the material will protect you in case of a fall.

However, these boots are pretty stiff and may be uncomfortable for most people. Additionally, these boots are not comfortable enough to walk around in. So, if you need to walk around the streets to meet your friends, walking in these boots might not be a good option.

Features Of Motorcycle Boots

Here are some notable features of motorcycle boots you should keep in mind while making a purchase:


High Motorcycle Boots

To offer adequate protection, the boot must at least cover up to the ankle and offer stable construction at the top. Some people avoid wearing high-top boots because of the added stiffness though these boots offer more protection.

One of the most common injuries during a motorcycle accident happens when the foot is trapped under the fall.

You can end up breaking, injuring or spraining your ankle if your boot does not support the ankle enough.

Additionally, the ankle bone can easily be scrapped into the ground in an unfortunate event. This is why it is recommended you opt for high length foots that will offer your legs ample protection.


Most ordinary walking shoes are made out of soft leather or canvas which aren’t sturdy when it comes to hitting asphalt. To solve this problem, most motorcycle boots are made using thick leather materials to offer high resistance.

Opt for boots that offer double or triple stitching in sensitive areas. If you in a city where the weather varies, you will need to invest in shoes that offer sufficient weather protection. If you are investing in shoes made from leather, ensure the material is treated leather. Untreated leather tends to absorb water rather than repel it.


When it comes to closures, bike riders can either choose between Velcro and laces. Most motorcyclists opt for laces because it offers them a precise fit and is easy to take on or off.

However on the downside, laces can get caught up in the motorcycle parts or come undone while riding. Some boots feature a buckle to strap down laces. This is a great safety feature that prevents the laces from coming undone.

Velcro Boots

Motorcyclists can opt for other kinds of closures, such as buckles and Velcro. This type of closure offers riders a more secure fit as compared to laces and is commonly found on race boots. This ensures your boots will remain intact on your feet even in the event of a high speed crash.


When shopping for boots, it is essential you pay attention to the overall construction. The best quality boots are put together using triple or double stitching to ensure the material remains intact even after a dangerous accident.

Bike riders must also pay attention to how the sole is connected to the boots. A sole that is glued on to the material won’t last long as opposed to a sole that have been stitched on.


Depending on the type of bike riding you do, you will need to invest in soles that offer the right amount of grip. A softer sole has the tendency to grip the footpeg better but it is likely to wear down much faster. A harder sole will offer better durability but will not provide the same kind of grip.

Soles of Motorcycle Boots

Either way, ensure the soles are oil-resistant, especially if you intend on wearing the shoes for street riding. Oil spills or buildup on the roads can cause the rider to experience a fall. Oil resistant soles are a must, especially if you are riding your motorcycle in wet conditions.

Ventilation And Water Resistance

Opt for motorcycle boots that offer plenty of ventilation. Air vents are important if you don’t want to worry about sweaty feet and poor foot healthy. Most high quality motorcycle boots are designed to offer plenty of ventilation especially for racing bikes.

This is because these riders have to ride their bikes at high speeds and racer boots are high.

Increased ventilation aerates the legs and helps regulate body temperature. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, invest in water resistant boots. Water resistant boots prevent your feet from slipping off in rain or wet conditions. This reduces the risk of accidents and also protects your feet.

Best Manufactures Of Motorcycle Boots

If you are in search of the bets motorcycle boots, it is crucial you check out the best manufacturers in the industry. Some of the top brands include:


When it comes to manufacturing the best motorcycle boots in the industry, Alpinestars is one of the best. The brand is known for manufacturing high performance, technical, protective gear for auto and motorcycle racing to other action sports. The brand was founded in 1963 in Italy. The company first earned its name for producing high quality ski and hiking boots.

Alpinestars Logo

In the 1990s, the brand decided to expand its business by producing all kinds of protective and technical gear for motorcycling, ranging from jackets, gloves and full leather suits. The brand has catered to some of the most talented bikers and sportsmen in the world. Alpinestars motorcycle boots are used by several World Motocross and AMA champions across the world.


Bates Boots have been around for years and the company is known for manufacturing some of the best quality motorcycle boots in the industry and are known for providing utmost durability. Bates introduced its first service shoes in 1885 and has been manufacturing quality footwear ever since. Bates has a special line dedicated to motorcyclists.

This specific footwear incorporates molded reinforcements, waterproof membranes and impact resistant foam, which you can wear on or off the bike. Bates motorcycle boots deliver quality protection and durability.

Red Wing

Charles Beckman founded the Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. Today the brand is known for offering superior craftsmanship. The brand ensures each pair lasts for years and incorporates the best tools to deliver the highest quality. Today, the brand is known for manufacturing the best work shoes, motorcycle boots and hunting boots.


Sidi Sports has been around for almost 40 years. The company was created by the famous sports footwear icon called Dino Signori. He created the best rear entry ski boot. He worked hard to update and refine his designs. In the following years, the brand crated groundbreaking motorcycle footwear and technology.

Sidi Logo

The brand was first to offer inner ankle protection, cam-lock off road boot buckle systems, sole replacement systems and more. Sidi motorcycle boots are the pinnacle for offering the best motorcycle boots and footwear in town and are the finest ever made.

Harley Davidson

If you want to ensure your safety on the road, you won’t be disappointed with Harley Davidson boots for both men and women. The brand manufactures quality motorcycle boots whilst paying attention to quality and performance. They offer the essentials for your everyday ride ranging, from the finest full grain leather boots to lace-up boots with buckles.

You will also find durable steel toe boots in brown or black shades or slip-on zipper boots that are easy to slide on and off. The shoes showcase additional features that will prevent them from tearing up. The brand also offers shoes for women, including knee-high and low cut leather boots that are fashionable without compromising on comfort.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Motorcycle Boots

Here are a couple of important tips you should keep in mind while investing in motorcycle boots:

Ensure The Boots Fit Perfectly

Before you decide to get your hands on the best looking pair of boots in the market, ensure the boots fit perfectly. Your feet should easily slide in and out of the boot without any problems. Additionally, the boot should support the heel without being too tight. The sizes may vary depending on the manufacturers so you cannot randomly choose a size and assume it fits.

Perfectly Fitting Boots

Buy Footwear That Is Appropriate

When selecting motorbike boots, invest in footwear that is appropriate for the ride. Investing in sneakers and sandals that don’t offer proper coverage is a bad choice. Some sneaker manufacturers may also promote their products as an alternative to motorcycle boots. Don’t fall for the trap. These shoes are not designed to offer the same kind of protection as motorcycle boots.

Some bikers may also be tempted to wear cowboy boots but these boots are not a replacement for motorcycle footwear. Cowboy boots have a smooth sole that is likely to slip easily on dry and wet pavements so unless you want to suffer from a fall, stick to regular boots. Additionally, avoid boots with long laces that can get caught up in the components of the motorcycle.

Pay Attention To Proper Maintenance

Your motorcycle boots are an investment that will benefit you in the long run. After coming home from a ride, remember to wipe off the mud and dirt from your boots with a damp cloth to avoid any kind of permanent damage. Mud can dry out and rest itself on the surface of the boots to create cracks.

Maintanance is important

Additionally, people who ride in cold weather should be careful of icy road salts. These salts can damage the texture of the boots. Use cleaning products that are designed especially for the type of materials used to make the boots. Neglecting proper care can cause your boots to wear off quickly.

Safety Reasons To Invest In Motorcycle Boots

Regular shoes and sneakers can easily slip off in the event of an accident, which is why you should invest in specialized motorcycle boots. Additionally, these boots provide plenty of ankle support that will prevent dangerous injuries.

Not to mention, wearing the right motorcycle boots protects your feet from added moisture on the road that can potentially cause you to slip and fall. This is especially important in rainy and winter seasons.


Hopefully, this article has provided you all the information you need regarding investing in the best motorcycle boots.

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