How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Boots

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Boots

Owning and cruising down the road with a motorcycle is a lot of fun but without the necessary safety precautions, it can also be quite dangerous. Similar to riding any other motor vehicle, having the right gear is important. Motorcyclists do not enjoy the same protection car and truck drivers enjoy, which is why you should invest in a sturdy pair of boots.

Motorcycle boots protect the rider’s feet and legs from the engine heat and the road. The right pair of boots will protect the rider’s feet in case of an accident, making them a lot more than a fashion accessory.

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Why Is It Important To Choose Motorcycle Boots Carefully

Here’s why it is important to choose motorcycle boots carefully:

Impact And Open Wound Protection

Your feet are exposed while riding a motorcycle. This can result in dangerous injuries if you are not careful. To protect yourself from high-impact accidents, it is essential you wear shoes that have been reinforced, typically with steel, to protect your bones from sudden object impact or extreme weight.

Motorcycle Accident Survival Chances

Motorcyclists who wear the right kind of protective riding boots are unlikely to suffer from open wound injuries as opposed to folks who wear other types of protective shoes.

Foot And Full Ankle Support

When the motorcycle comes to a halt, you not only have to balance your weight but also the weight of the huge motorcycle you are riding on.

However, this is only possible if you have adequate ankle support. In case of an accident, motorcyclists may be subject to extreme contouring or twisting. To avoid dangerous injuries, you must keep your feet intact and protect your ankles. Regular shoes and sneakers can easily slip off in the event of an accident.

Improved Traction

Many motorcyclists stick their feet out to the ground to stabilize themselves. This prevents them from losing control over the motorcycle.

Boot Traction On Ground

To successfully gain control over the motorcycle, it is essential you wear shoes that offer adequate traction, allowing you to have more control on the road. This becomes essential if you are riding your bike in rainy or wet conditions.

Protection From The Weather

Motorcycling exposes your feet to a number of hazards and varying weather elements. For places with warmer climates, it is recommended you opt for boots made using breathable materials.

However, if you live in an area with colder climates, it is best you opt for water-proof materials that will protect your feet from the cold weather. Wearing the right motorcycle boots protects your feet from the added moisture on the road that can potentially cause you to slip and fall.

Ace The Look

Who doesn’t want to rock a mean motorbike rider’s look when they are on the road? All you need is a rugged leather jacket, loud music that people on the road certainly won’t appreciate and an old fashioned heavy-duty pair of riding boots.

Female Motorcyclist Acing the Look

A fashionable and trendy pair of motorcycle boots is all you need to impress folks on the road.


While it might be a pain to carry around a heavy pair of motorcycle riding boots, the benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience. These boots will protect your feet from the hazards of the road while you are out cruising on the streets. Your feet are an integral part of the body which is why you should take important measures to protect them from accidents.

How To Purchase The Best Motorcycle Boots

The primary focus of investing in the best motorcycle boots is to protect the feet and legs of the rider. While most people assume work boots are well suited for motorcycle riding, this isn’t true. This is because these boots lack the safety features needed for motorcycle riding.

Ensure the boots are comfortable enough to wear for your daily adventures. Motorcyclists have found that boots featuring a slight heel make using pegs more comfortable. Here are a couple of factors you should pay attention to if you want to purchase the best motorcycle boots:


While purchasing motorcycle boots, ensure the boots extend to mid-calf to prevent your ankles from coming in contact with hot exhaust pipes. Mid-calf boots can be worn comfortably on long rides whereas high-top boots tend to be less comfortable.

Motorcycle Boots Height

However, they provide additional support, protecting your ankle from all sorts of injuries. Look out for boots with shafts that end below the back of the rider’s knee, which allows maximum range of motion, reducing the risks of sores, chafing and cutting. For added protection, riders should consider wearing long pants to cover their ankles.


Invest in motorcycle boots with protective molding at the toes, ankles and shins. This protects your feet in the event of a fire and from coming in contact with hot fuel or asphalt. This kind of protection is especially beneficial for folks who corner with a deep lean.

Everyday motorcycling causes riders to encounter rocks, dirt, debris and hot exhaust. Some boots also feature protective interior padding that protect your feet against high-speed impact.


Ensure the motorcycle boots are constructed using strong and sturdy materials. The construction of the shoes plays a major role in providing comfort and protection. The best quality shoes typically feature triple or double stitching. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures the shoes don’t rip off.

Sidi Adventure Boots Sturdy Review

To inspect the quality of the boots, assess how closely the sole is attached to the boots. Soles that are sewn on the boots are sturdier as opposed to soles that have been glued on.


The type of material is one of the most important aspects when investing in the best motorcycle boots. Opt for boots that are made using thick leather and have the capability to resist high-speed abrasions and heat.

Depending on the weather, you can opt for breathable or waterproof material. Some leather linings offer additional ventilation that makes riding in dry and hot conditions more comfortable.

Type Of Motorcycle

When investing in a pair of motorcycle boots, you need to assess your ride first. The type of bike you ride is crucial for the decision making process. For example, if you go cruising on your Harley every Sunday when it’s 70 degrees outside, a race boot will not be a suitable option for you and would look stupid.

Different Types of Motorcycles

Consider the type of bike you ride and when and where you ride it. For example, if it’s winter, you ought to make sure the boots you invest in are warm and comfortable. Similarly, if it tends to rain a lot, you will benefit from waterproof and water repellant shoes. However, if you are riding in the summers, ventilation will play a key role since you don’t want your feet to warm up.

Ventilation And Water Resistance

Ventilated motorcycle boots are a lifesaver in the summers since you no longer have to worry about sweaty feet and poor foot health. Most high quality motorcycle boots are designed to offer plenty of ventilation, especially for racing bikes. This is because these riders ride their bikes at high speeds.

Increased ventilation aerates the legs and helps regulate body temperature. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you should also invest in water resistant boots. Water resistant boots prevent your feet from slipping off in rainy or wet conditions. This reduces the risks of accidents and also protects your feet.


The soles of motorcycle boots should be made using oil-resistant and thick materials that will protect your feet against hot pipes without damaging the flooring. Textured soles provide better traction and prevent slippage in case you have to hit the brakes suddenly.

Soles of a Motorcycle Boot

While thick soles enhance your comfort, thin soles can be uncomfortable to wear and can transmit the engine’s vibration through the foot pegs, causing fatigue. Motorcyclists have found that sewn on soles are sturdier than bonded soles whilst also being waterproof.


When investing in motorcycle boots, ensure the boots offer sufficient protection against the rain. Highway and bike fairings typically prevent rain from leaking into the boot tops, drenching the rider’s feet and socks.

Ensure the vertical zippers also feature a rainproof flap cover. Wearing waterproof boots will keep your feet dry.

You can also invest in water resistant boots though they are only capable of handling a short drizzle.

Most motorcyclists prefer Velcro closures and buckles, which offer a snug fit. Ensure the closures are robust enough to withstand contact with the road.

Some motorcyclists prefer lace closures since they are easier to manage but if you are not careful, the laces can get caught up in the components of the bike.

Ensure the laces have been secured tightly or else they can get tangled in the bike’s parts. If you adamant about opting for laces, ensure they are double-tied.

Velcro Seal on most motorbike boots

Note: Most people believe there is no harm in wearing sneakers instead of motorcycle boots. Keep in mind that motorcycle gear is designed specifically to protect riders from harsh weather condition and elements on the road. Hence bike accessories are designed whilst keeping motorcyclists in mind. You cannot wear sneakers on the road because it won’t offer your feet the same kind protection.

Motorcyclists should also avoid wearing shorts on the road even if they have a pair of tall motorcycle boots. Apart from not wearing sneakers, motorcyclists should also avoid wearing sandals. Any other kind of shoes will not provide the same level of grip and traction as motorcycle boots in case of an accident.

Our Recommendations: The Top Motorcycle Boots

Are you in search for the best motorcycle boots to make the most of your rides? Here are some of our top picks.

Best Touring Motorcycle Boots

Here are our picks for the best Touring Boots:

Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots

When it comes to manufacturing the best motorcycle boots, you trust Tourmaster. The brand has been around for years and is known for manufacturing some of the best motorcycle boots in the industry. Thanks to its flexible design and unique sole tread, Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Leather Road Boots works well with any sports or touring bike.

The boots offer added protection and feature an upper made using leather and other water-repellant materials that keep the feet dry.

Tourmaster Solution Leather Road Boots Front Review

Additionally, the panels are made using a special type of leather that offers added flexibility. The boots feature a heel cup and a toecap that adds more structure to the boots. The motorcycle boots feature a tough waterproof membrane that quickly absorbs water and keeps moisture away from the feet.

The membrane is also designed to force out warm air, ensuring your feet remain cool. Additionally, the boots also feature shock-absorbing panels that result in a more comfortable ride. Here are a couple of notable features of the boots:

  • Constructed using a breathable and waterproof membrane
  • Features VR single density compound for better grip
  • ​Auto lock zipper along with an adjustable Velcro flap
  • Stretch leather panels for added durability and comfort
  • Protection against vibration along with an orthopedic design
  • Leather shift pad
  • ​TecnoGI thermoplastic toe cap and heel cup
  • Shock absorbing latex
  • ​PU upper and water-repellent leather

Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men's Boots

Fortunately, a low price tag does not always translate to a low-quality product. The Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men's Boots is an all-rounder and is a great versatile option for motorcyclists and street bike riders who are always on the lookout for an adventure.

The Ballistic Touring Boot is taller than your average motorcycle boot available in the market, which means it offers twice as much protection against outdoor elements and impacts. The boots include a reinforced toe box along with integrated side ankle pockets for added protection.

Bikers can conveniently put on and take off the shoes thanks to the side access zippers. A rain gaiter has also been added to keep water out. The heavy-duty shoes are designed for commuting and touring and are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and dry even in the harshest weather conditions.

Joe Rocket Review

Another notable feature of the Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men's Boots is the replaceable toe slider, which is a useful feature.

The brand is known for offering the best sports bike-type toe slides in the industry. It also features reflective material on the sides and the back of the boots for added convenience and safety.

These boots are ideal if you are headed on a short road trip or a long weekend tour. While the boots offer added protection against rain, it is best you take extra precautions to ensure the Ballistic Touring Boots are a great companion for long-distance touring. Here are some notable features of the boots:

  • Constructed using water resistant materials
  • Features a reinforced gear shift area
  • Replaceable integrated toe sliders with injection molded toe armor
  • Large side entry
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas for added protection
  • Low profile toe-box and articulated ankle area for additional mobility

Best Cruising Motorcycle Boots

There are our picks for best cruising boots:

Alpinestars Gunner Waterproof Men's Street Motorcycle Boots

Whether you are headed on an adventure or simply want to cruise around the roads, the Alpinestars Gunner Waterproof Riding Boots is a great option. The mid-length boots offer added comfort and convenience, perfect for long-distance adventure or for everyday rides on the road regardless of the weather conditions.

The new and advanced shape of the boots offers greater comfort, resulting in a more ergonomic fit. This has a positive impact on the rider’s performance, allowing them to drive through difficult weather conditions. If you are still not convinced by the quality of the boots, keep in mind that they are CE certified. Here are some additional features of the boots:

  • Lightweight fabric inserts made from synthetic materials
  • Rear reflective insert for increased rider’s visibility
  • Internal toe counter fitted under the synthetic leather
  • Internal heal counter offers added support that will protect the feet
  • Medial and dual density ankle cups for added impact protection at critical points
  • Adjustable and sturdy Velcro straps for perfect fit and closure
  • Layer of waterproof membrane between the lining and upper for exceptional performance in difficult weather conditions
  • Unique compound sole with exclusive wrapping design that is built to withstand the demands of the road

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men's Motorcycle Riding Boots

The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 is an awesome pair of boots that offer strong military styling and is the ideal choice if you plan on riding on your motorcycle the whole day. These motorcycle boots offers superior leather construction and ankle protection, ensuring durability.

The sturdy motorcycle boots is slightly above the ankle-lace up military styled boots and feature gray finish leather. The boot is equipped with a non-slip lugged sole that is also resistant to oil. This feature is commonly found in logging and deep wood hunting boots. The sole offers excellent grip on surfaces, such as sand, ice or tarmac.

Joe Rocket Boots

The boots feature a leather upper that is stiff right outside the box. Motorcyclists can also walk around in these boots with ease without worrying about their feet overheating in warm weather conditions. The boots feature molded polymeric ankle protectors located on the top edge of the boot upper and both sides of the boot tops.

It also features extra padding for added protection and support while the interior is lightly lines. The back of the boots features a leather pull strap. The heavy duty leather and chunky sole makes the boots a perfect choice for when you want to cruise around the streets. Some other notable features of the boots include:

  • Triple stitching in critical areas
  • Reinforced shifter zone
  • Polymeric molded ankle protection
  • Rear pull loop
  • Padded ankle cuff for additional comfort
  • No-slip sole design
  • Matte finish, full grain, 2mm, leather construction
  • Laser etched badging

Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots

This is our pick for best adventure boots:

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

From a thrilling race around the country to a simple ride around town, you won’t be disappointed with the Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots. The trendy boots feature a futuristic design that you will be happy to wear anywhere you go.

The design incorporates a great combination of leathers that offers plenty of flexibility and rigidness at the same time. Thanks to the curved sole and the slight heel, your feet won’t ever slip off the pegs again.

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots Review

The specially designed leather is constructed using quality materials and will last for months even if you wear the boots regularly for a number of days. Additionally, the plastic protectors built inside the boots keep your feet safe in case of accidents and unexpected shocks.

The shoes feature a Velcro closure and plastic buckles on the calf that allow you to comfortably adjust the shoes for a better fit. Here are some notable features of the Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots:

  • Vintage leather finish
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with double density
  • ​Breathable lining and waterproof materials
  • Oiled, full grain leather upper
  • Adjustable and unbreakable GH plastic buckles
  • Internal molded plastic protectors
  • Velcro brand closures that are also adjustable
  • Ankle reinforcements
  • Ankle and shin TPU plastic protectors
  • Incredibly soft memory foam polymer padding

So, if you are looking for the best motorcycle boots, ensure you select a pair from the above-mentioned list. For more information about these products, consider reading customer product reviews on Amazon. They will help you decide if the product is the perfect fit for you or not. Also, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer for more information.


Hopefully, this handy guide has provided you all the information you need regarding investing in the best motorcycle boots. For added safety, you can also invest in other accessories, such as a motorcycle jacket and helmet. Ensure you invest in quality products that will last plenty of years. Good luck!

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